Mini Cooper Electric - Nimble, Fun, Still MINI


Electrifying Fun with a Mini Twist


The 2024 Mini Cooper Electric zips into the EV scene, injecting a dose of electric practicality into the iconic Mini formula. This new iteration boasts a range bump, a revamped interior, and more power, particularly in the sportier SE variant. While it retains some of Mini's signature quirks, it's a compelling choice for eco-conscious drivers who crave a bit of go-kart handling with a zero-emission bonus.

Think of it as the classic Mini experience, but electrified. It's not perfect – the interior sacrifices some user-friendliness and rear space remains tight – but the overall package is a fun and funky take on electric mobility.
  • go-kart handling
  • Zero emissions
  • Running cost savings
  • Stylish Design
  • Engaging driving experience
  • Standard safety features
  • Limited rear space
  • touchscreen user-friendliness
  • Lack Of Irish Charging infrastructure
  • Safety rating unknown
  • Quirky interior - Not for everyone!


The instantly recognizable Mini silhouette gets a subtle refresh for 2024. It retains the playful, and cartoonish charm that's become a Mini trademark. Sleek new LED lighting adds a touch of modernity, while available two-tone paint schemes allow for further personalisation.

Don't expect a radical makeover here. The focus remains on staying true to the classic Mini aesthetic. While it might not turn heads like some flashier EVs, it continues to hold its own with a timeless design that never seems to go out of style

Timeless Charm Gets a Modern Edge


The 2024 Mini Electric's interior gets a significant makeover, embracing a minimalist design with a central touchscreen taking centre stage. This sleek approach offers a modern feel, but some might find it less user-friendly compared to the previous rotary dial system. Material quality steps up noticeably, with soft-touch plastics and premium accents creating a comfortable environment. Playful Mini touches remain with colour accents and quirky details scattered throughout, adding a touch of personality. While the front seats offer ample space, the rear remains a bit cramped, potentially limiting practicality for those who regularly carry passengers. 

Overall, we at are impressed with the new interior. It offers a stylish and modern environment that stays true to the playful Mini spirit.

Tech Upgrade with a Funky Design


The 2024 Mini Electric truly shines when it comes to performance. Both the base E and the sportier SE variants offer peppy acceleration, making zipping around town an absolute blast. The instant torque delivery inherent to electric vehicles translates perfectly to the Mini's small size, making it feel surprisingly quick off the line.

Exhilarating acceleration with kart-like Handling


Predicting long-term reliability for the 2024 Mini Electric is a challenge since it's a new model year. Mini hasn't historically enjoyed the top spots in reliability ratings, but early reports suggest the electric powertrain itself is solid. While there's always the possibility of unforeseen issues emerging in the future, the electric drivetrain itself generally has fewer moving parts compared to a traditional combustion engine, potentially leading to fewer maintenance headaches down the line.

However, the new infotainment system and other tech features are unproven as of yet. Only time will tell how these components hold up in the long run.

TBD - A New Chapter for Mini

Running Costs

While the 2024 Mini Electric offers significant potential for running cost savings, it's important to consider Ireland's current electric vehicle charging infrastructure, especially if you live outside Dublin.

The Good News:
Government Investment: The Irish government is actively investing in expanding the public charging network. Their Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Strategy aims to establish a national network with high-powered chargers every 60 km on motorways, alongside support for home and destination charging [Irish EV Association,].
Existing Network: ESB ecars, a leading provider, operates over 1,350 charging points across Ireland, with nearly 1,000 located in the Republic [ESB ecars,]. Private companies also contribute to the network.

The Not-So-Good News:
Distribution: Public charging infrastructure is still concentrated in urban areas, particularly Dublin. If you live outside a major city, access to public charging stations might be limited.
Home Charging is Crucial: For most EV owners in Ireland, especially outside Dublin, a home charger is practically essential for convenient daily charging.

The running cost benefits of the Mini Electric are undeniable, but for those in Ireland, especially outside Dublin,  having access to a home charger is crucial to maximizing those savings and overall ownership experience.

Big Savings on a Small Charge


One of the defining characteristics of a Mini has always been its go-kart-like handling, and the 2024 Electric iteration proudly carries that torch. Here's why the handling deserves a perfect score:

Low Center of Gravity: The placement of the battery pack under the floor keeps the centre of gravity exceptionally low. This translates to sharp, responsive steering and a planted feel on corners. It feels like an extension of your body, eagerly following your every input.

Nimble and Agile: The Mini Electric darts around city streets with incredible ease. Traffic becomes a playground, and parking in tight spots feels like a breeze. This car begs to be thrown around corners, delivering a genuinely fun and engaging driving experience.
Steering Precision: The steering is nicely weighted, offering a direct connection between you and the road. There's minimal body roll, so you can take corners with confidence and a sense of control.

While some electric vehicles can feel disconnected due to the instant torque delivery, the Mini Electric strikes a perfect balance. It provides the thrill of electric acceleration while retaining the engaging handling that Mini enthusiasts have come to love.

Go-Kart Spirit Lives On


The 2024 Mini Electric hasn't yet been crash-tested by major safety agencies like Euro NCAP or the US IIHS. This makes it difficult to definitively assess its safety performance.

However, there are some positive points to consider:

Standard Driver-Assistance Features: Mini equips the Electric with a comprehensive suite of active safety features as standard. This includes automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. These systems can help prevent accidents by alerting you to potential hazards and intervening when necessary.
Solid Construction: Mini vehicles are generally known for their strong construction, and there's no reason to believe the Electric would be an exception. The use of high-strength steel in the chassis should provide good occupant protection in the event of a collision.

The Takeaway:
While the lack of official crash test ratings is a drawback, the standard safety features and Mini's reputation for strong construction offer some reassurance. However, it's important to stay tuned for the official safety ratings once the major agencies have completed their evaluations.

Still Under Review


Running Costs

The 2024 Mini Electric injects a dose of electric practicality into the iconic Mini formula. It's not perfect, but it offers a compelling package for eco-conscious drivers who crave a bit of electric scoot with go-kart handling.
Electrifying Performance: Peppy acceleration and legendary go-kart handling make driving a joy.
Stylish and Modern: Retains classic Mini charm with a touch of modern flair.
Tech Upgrade: The new central touchscreen offers a sleek look, but might sacrifice some user-friendliness.
Big Savings on Running Costs: Electricity, minimal maintenance, and potential tax breaks make it a budget-friendly choice.
Limited Rear Space: Tight quarters in the back might be a concern for those who regularly carry passengers.
Safety Still Under Review: Awaiting official crash test ratings, but standard driver-assistance features offer some reassurance.
Charging Infrastructure: While Ireland is investing, a home charger is crucial, especially outside Dublin.

Overall, the 2024 Mini Electric is a fun and funky take on electric mobility. It delivers a blend of practicality, performance, and classic Mini character. If you're looking for a way to inject some personality into your daily commute with minimal environmental impact, the Mini Electric is worth a closer look.